Searchmetrics Visibility for Universal Search for a given URL in a given country.

Cost per call: 100.00

This call returns the Searchmetrics Visibility in the Universal Search for a domain for a specified country based on the latest data in our database.

The Visibility is composed of search volume and the position of universal keyword rankings and reflects how present a website is in the universal search results.

The Visibility is split into the different universal search types (images, video, news etc.)

Parameter description


countrycode (required)A two letter country code as specified in ISO 3166-1

Format: US, GB, DE etc.
url (required)Either a domain, a subdomain or a directory

Format: domain.tld, subdomain.domain.tld, domain.tld/directory/


HTTP Request:

    "images": {
        "visibility_abs": 96026,
        "visibility_per": 99.4,
        "total_keyword_position": 6518
    "maps": {
        "visibility_abs": 565,
        "visibility_per": 0.58,
        "total_keyword_position": 17
    "video": {
        "visibility_abs": 13,
        "visibility_per": 0.01,
        "total_keyword_position": 15

Result Description

typeType of universal search integration
visibility_absAbsolute visibility for the respective universal search type
visibility_perPercentage of total Visibility for universal search.
total_keyword_positionTotal number of keywords with rankings for the respective universal search type