Searchmetrics Paid Visibility for a given URL and a given country.

Cost per call: 10.00

This call returns the Searchmetrics Visibility Rank in the paid Google search for a domain for a specified country, based on the latest data in our database.

As well a trend in comparision to the previous week is delivered.

The Paid Visibility displays the visibility of the selected domain in paid search. It is based on the search volume and ad position of the ranked keywords. Each position is weighted individually according to a factor calculated by Searchmetrics. The Paid Visibility factors in the positioning of an ad whether it is a HPA (High Performance Ad= Ad above the organic results) or a PA (Perfomance Ad= Ad next to the organic results).

What does the Paid Visibility show us?

Similar to SEO Visibility, Paid Visibility shows the advertising activity of a domain on Google. Changes in the Paid Visibility could result from budget increases or decreases as well as market changes. Users can also compare the Paid Visibility of competitive domains to assess how much of the potential market a domain is capitalizing on with their pay-per-click campaigns.

Parameter description


countrycode (required)A two letter country code as specified in ISO 3166-1

Format: US, GB, DE etc.
url (required)Domain for which the Paid Visibility is queried.

Format: domain.tld, subdomain.domain.tld


HTTP Request:

    "visibility": 198283,
    "trend": {
        "trend": -1,
        "abs": -12413,
        "per": -5.8914265102

Result Description

visibilitySearchmetrics Paid Visibility
trendThe element 'trend' can be interpreted as follows
* 0: no change
* 1: pointing up
* -1: going down
absThe absolute change in the visibility in comparison to the previous week.
perThe relative/percentual change in the visibility in comparison to the previous week.