Check whether a list of domains link to a specific URL

Cost per row: 50.00

The service returns the number of links and different subdomains to a specific URL for a list of domains.

Parameter description


domains (required)A comma separated list of domains which will be checked. Please note: Subdomains and URLs are not allowed! Maximum is 100 domains per call.
url (required)Either a domain, a subdomain or an URL

For a domain or a subdomain all results are counted that refer to any page of the domain or subdomain.
For any other URL only results are counted that point directly to the page with this specific URL.

Format: domain.tld, subdomain.domain.tld, domain.tld/page.html


HTTP Request:,

      "domain": "",
      "linking_subdomains": 0,
      "links_total": 0,
      "subdomains": []
      "domain": "",
      "linking_subdomains": 1,
      "links_total": 29,
      "subdomains": [{
            "links": 29,
            "subdomain": ""

Result Description

domainDomain which has been checked
links_totalTotal number of links from this domain to the given URL
linking_subdomainsTotal number of different subdomains from this domain which link to the given URL
linksTotal number of links from the specified subdomain
subdomainSubdomain which links to the given URL