Distribution of incoming links according to Searchmetrics Page Strength

Cost per call: 50.00

Get a list of the current SPS distribution for a domain, subdomain or a single URL.

Searchmetrics calculates for each page the page strength from the weighted backlinks that point to this page. A page with many links is given a high Searchmetrics Page Strength (SPS); a page with no or only a few links a low SPS.

Parameter description


url (required)Either a domain, a subdomain or an URL

For a domain or a subdomain all results are counted that refer to any page of the domain or subdomain.
For any other URL only results are counted that point directly to the page with this specific URL.

Format: domain.tld, subdomain.domain.tld, domain.tld/page.html


HTTP Request

        "sr" : 0,
        "links" : 3675708

Result Description

srSPS of the queried domain
linksNumber of links with the given SPS