Most frequently used link anchor texts for a given URL.

Cost per row: 1.00

This call returns the anchor texts of backlinks for a given URL, ordered by frequency of occurrence.

A link is particularly strong when it already contains a keyword for which the linking site has a strong Google ranking. For this reason, anchor text analysis is a very important factor in ranking assessments. You should, however, be careful to make sure that anchor texts are not too similar and that the targeted keyword is not contained in every text.

Parameter description


url (required)Either a domain, a subdomain or an URL

For a domain or a subdomain all results are counted that refer to any page of the domain or subdomain.
For any other URL only results are counted that point directly to the page with this specific URL.

Format: domain.tld, subdomain.domain.tld, domain.tld/page.html
limit (optional)Limit for the number of returned link texts
Permitted values are 10, 25, 50, 100, 250
Default is 10

Format: integer
offset (optional)Offset for result set
Must be a multiple of allowed values for the parameter "limit"
Default is 0

Format: integer


HTTP Request:

    "anchortext": "cnn",
    "frequency": 775012,
    "percentage": 3.78,
    "refdoms": 46391
    "anchortext": "CNN",
    "frequency": 2191080,
    "percentage": 10.68,
    "refdoms": 33394

Result Description

anchortextAnchor text
frequencyAbsolute total frequency of the anchor text (respectively "how often does it occur?")
percentagePercentual frequency of the anchor text in relation to all anchor texts
refdomsNumber of referring domains with the respective anchor text