Number of referring IPs for a given URL (IP popularity).

Cost per call: 50.00

This call returns the number of different IPs with at least one link to the given URL (IP popularity).

The IP popularity is important for Google to discover artificially constructed link networks and remove them from a site’s popularity.

The call returns as well information aboutthe number of referring IPs with different C/B class. An identical C-class in the IP is another sign for a possible connection between the referring IPs, e.g. a similar hosting provider or somehow otherwise “associated” environment.

A high number of IP C classes shows Google that the links are very well distributed and are therefore probably natural.

Parameter description


url (required)Either a domain, a subdomain or an URL
For a domain or a subdomain all results are counted that refer to any page of the domain or subdomain.
For any other URL only results are counted that point directly to the page with this specific URL.

Format: domain.tld, subdomain.domain.tld, domain.tld/page.html


HTTP Request:

    "ip": 328923,
    "class_b": 215032,
    "class_c": 296580

Result Description

ipNumber of referring IPs
class_bNumber of referring IPs with a different B-class
class_cNumber of referring IPs with a different C-class