List of keywords that contain a phrase.

This service returns keywords that contain a given term within a word or phrase. A result example for the given term "auto" would be "automobile" and "auto insurance" .

Other additional information such as search volume and estimated CPC is returned based on the last month in our database and the given country.

All listed keywords are ordered by search volume.

Parameter description


countrycode (required)A two letter country code as specified in ISO 3166-1

Format: US, GB, DE etc.
keyword (required)keyword that is used to find similar keywords

Format: string
filter (optional)
limit (optional)Limit for the number of result rows
Permitted values are 10, 25, 50, 100, 250
Default is 25

Format: integer
offset (optional)Offset for result set
Must be a multiple of allowed values for the parameter "limit"
Default is 0

Format: integer


HTTP Request:

        "search_volume": "196083",
        "search_volume_avg": "246000",
        "trend": "67:81:100:81:100:100:100:100:81:54:44:44",
        "cpc": "0.8",
        "advertiser_count": "5",
        "integration": "video",
        "adbudget": "156866.399999999994",
        "keyword": "boat trader"
        "search_volume": "22733",
        "search_volume_avg": "27100",
        "trend": "66:81:100:100:100:100:100:100:81:66:54:54",
        "cpc": "0.33",
        "advertiser_count": "18",
        "integration": "",
        "adbudget": "7501.89",
        "keyword": "tracker boats"

Result Description

search_volumeCurrent monthly search volume in Google.
search_volume_avgAverage monthly search volume in Google.
trendTrend for the search volume of the keyword in the previous year.

Format is e.g. 81:66:74:66:66:66:81:81:100:100:81:100.

The last number is the December of the previous year.
cpcEstimated CPC in AdWords for the specific keyword.
advertiser_countNumber of advertisers bidding on the keyword.
integrationUniversal search items that can be found in the search results for this keyword (e.g. news,video,images etc.).
adbudgetMonthly Google AdWords ad budget that is spent on the keyword.
keywordKeyword that is used to find similar keywords