Search volume, CPC etc. for a given keyword

Cost per call: 10.00

This call returns search-related information for a given keyword for a given country for the current month.

Parameter description


countrycode (required)A two letter country code as specified in ISO 3166-1

keyword (required)Keyword for which info should be queried.

Format: string
currency (optional)Currency code as specified in ISO 4217. Default is "EUR".

Format: EUR, USD etc.


HTTP Request:

    "cpc": "0.87",
    "competition": "4",
    "search_volume": "48916",
    "search_volume_avg": "90500",
    "trend": "100:81:81:81:81:81:66:66:81:81:81:81",
    "ad_budget": "42556.919999999998",
    "integration": "news,video,images",
    "advertiser_count": "0",
    "keyword": "boat",
    "year_month": "201212"

Result Description

cpcEstimated CPC in AdWords for the specific keyword.
competitionThis is an indicator for the competion for the given keyword in the Paid Index. The higher it is the more domains that have placed AdWords ads for the keyword.
search_volumeCurrent monthly search volume in Google.
search_volume_avgAverage monthly search volume in Google.
trendThe relative distribution of the search volume per month over the year for the respective keyword.
ad_budgetMonthly Google AdWords ad budget that is spent on the keyword.
integrationThe types of universal search integrations that can be found for this keyword.
advertiser_countNumber of advertisers bidding on the keyword.
keywordKeyword for which the data is returned.