Keyword traffic potentials

Cost per row: 10.00

This call returns the traffic potentials of the actual keywords set, and allows forcast based on target positions.

Please note: The API key for this call must be from the account that owns the queried project. API keys from invited users do not work.

Parameter description


date_from (required)Start date

date_to (required)End date

domain (required)Either a domain or subdomain

Format: domain.tld, subdomain.domain.tld
project_id (required)ID of the project that should be queried.
The ID can be found in the URL when viewing the project in the Searchmetrics Suite.

Format: integer
se_id (required)ID of the search engine that should be queried. A complete list of IDs can be found
Please make sure your project includes the se_id.

Format: integer
currency (optional)Currency code as specified in ISO 4217. Default is "EUR".

Format: EUR, USD etc.
forecast (optional)
forecast_from (optional)
forecast_to (optional)
limit (optional)Limit for the number of result rows
Permitted values are 10, 25, 50, 100, 250
Default is 10

Format: integer
offset (optional)Offset for result set
Must be a multiple of allowed values for the parameter "limit"
Default is 0

Format: integer
sort (optional)On which value the result will be sorted.


HTTP Request: &date_from=20151104&date_to=20151203&forecast=normal&forecast_from=3&forecast_to=5&currency=EUR&limit=25&offset=0&sort=-delta_traffic_potential&access_token=xxxxx


	"keyword_id": 3260,
	"keyword": "keyword",
	"url": "",
	"position": 11,
	"page": 2,
	"traffic": 1528,
	"traffic_volume": 194000,
	"keyword_difficulty": 70,
	"cpc": 0,
	"date": 20151203,
	"trend_date": 20151103,
	"trend_position": 17,
	"trend_traffic": 279,
		"trend": 1,
		"abs": 6,
		"per": 35.2941176471
		"trend": 1,
		"abs": 1249,
		"per": 447.6702508961
	"delta_traffic": 1249,
	"traffic_potential": 31701,
	"trend_traffic_potential": 31701,
	"pot_utilization": 5,
	"seo_value": 0,
		"min": 0,
		"max": 0
	"targeted_traffic_potential": 6936,
	"targeted_seo_value_potential": null,
	"targeted_pot_utilization": 22,
	"market_traffic_potential": 31660,
	"market_value_potential": 0,
	"targeted_position": 3 - 5",
	"conversion_rate": null,
	"conversion_value": 0,
	"delta_traffic_potential": 5408,
	"current_conversion_value": 0,
	"targeted_conversion_value": null,
	"delta_conversion_value": 0,
	"current_traffic_real": 1528,
	"targeted_traffic_real": 6936,
	"delta_seo_ppc_traffic": 1528,
		"trend": 0,
		"abs": 0,
		"per": null
	"traffic_seo_plus_ppc": 1528,
	"mobile_traffic": 0,
	"non_mobile_traffic": 0,
	"smartphone_traffic": 0,
	"tablet_traffic": 0,
	"project_id": null,
	"conversion_rate_1": null,
	"conversion_rate_2": null,
	"conversion_rate_3": null,
	"conversion_rate_4": null,
	"ppc_position": null,
	"delta_seo_ppc_position": null,
	"ppc_conversion_rate_1": null,
	"ppc_conversion_rate_2": null,
	"ppc_conversion_rate_3": null,
	"ppc_conversion_rate_4": null,
	"delta_seo_ppc_conversion_rate_1": null,
	"delta_seo_ppc_conversion_rate_2": null,
	"delta_seo_ppc_conversion_rate_3": null,
	"delta_seo_ppc_conversion_rate_4": null,
	"mobile_traffic_ratio": null,
	"non_mobile_traffic_ratio": null,
	"smartphone_traffic_ratio": null,
	"tablet_traffic_ratio": null,
	"ppc_delta_traffic": null,
	"organic_type": null,
	"bounce_rate": null,
	"paid_type": null,
	"ppc_traffic": 0,
		"trend": null,
		"abs": null,
		"per": null
		"trend": null,
		"abs": null,
		"per": null
		"trend": null,
		"abs": null,
		"per": null
		"trend": null,
		"abs": null,
		"per": null

		"trend": null,
		"abs": null,
		"per": null
		"trend": null,
		"abs": null,
		"per": null
		"trend": null,
		"abs": null,
		"per": null
		"trend": null,
		"abs": null,
		"per": null
		"trend": null,
		"abs": null,
		"per": null
		"trend": null,
		"abs": null,
		"per": null


Result Description

keywordTargeted keyword
urlRanking url
positionActual position
pageActual result page
trafficTraffic index
traffic_volumeSearch volume
keyword_difficulty Keyword difficulty
cpcKeyword CPC
dateLast update date
trend_dateTrend date
trend_positionRanking position change since last update date
trend_trafficTrend for Webanalytics Traffic data
delta_trafficDelta traffic (forcasted - actual)
traffic_potentialPosition 1 estimated traffic
pot_utilizationPotential of the utilization out of the Traffic data
seo_valueActual SEO value (SEO traffic * Keyword CPC)
targeted_traffic_potentialTargeted position potential traffic
targeted_seo_value_potentialTargeted SEO value potential
market_traffic_potentialHighest traffic potential (position 1)
market_value_potentialHighest SEO value potential
targeted_positionTargeted position
conversion_rateDefined conversion rate
conversion_valueDefined conversion value
delta_traffic_potentialDelta between actual traffic and forecasted
current_conversion_valueCurrent conversion value
targeted_conversion_valueTargeted conversion value
delta_conversion_valueDelta between the current conversion value and forecasted
current_traffic_realCurrent traffic (pulled from the web analytics)
targeted_traffic_realForcasted traffic
delta_seo_ppc_trafficDelta between SEO and PPC traffic
traffic_seo_plus_ppcSum of SEO and PPC traffic
mobile_trafficMobile traffic
non_mobile_trafficNon-mobile traffic
smartphone_trafficSmartphione traffic
tablet_trafficTablet traffic
project_idProject ID
conversion_rate_1Defined conversion rate 1
conversion_rate_2Defined conversion rate 2
conversion_rate_3Defined conversion rate 3
conversion_rate_4Defined conversion rate 4
ppc_positionPPC ranking position
delta_seo_ppc_positionDelta between SEO and PPC position
ppc_conversion_rate_1Definded PPC Conversion Rate 1
ppc_conversion_rate_2Definded PPC Conversion Rate 2
ppc_conversion_rate_3Definded PPC Conversion Rate 3
ppc_conversion_rate_4Definded PPC Conversion Rate 4
delta_seo_ppc_conversion_rate_1Delta between SEO and PPC conversion rate 1
delta_seo_ppc_conversion_rate_2Delta between SEO and PPC conversion rate 2
delta_seo_ppc_conversion_rate_3Delta between SEO and PPC conversion rate 3
delta_seo_ppc_conversion_rate_4Delta between SEO and PPC conversion rate 4
mobile_traffic_ratiopercentage of mobile traffic
non_mobile_traffic_ratiopercentage non mobile traffic
smartphone_mobile_traffic_ratiopercentage smartphone traffic
tablet_mobile_traffic_ratiopercentage tablet traffic
ppc_delta_trafficthe potential ppc traffic of the project
organic_typeOrganic type
bounce_rateBounce rate
paid_typePaid type
ppc_trafficPPC traffic
trendThe element 'trend' can be interpreted as follows
* 0: no change
* 1: pointing up
* -1: going down
absthe absolute change in comparison to the to the parameter [trend_date]
perthe relative/percentual change in comparison to the parameter [trend_date]
minMinimum SEO value potential
maxMaximum SEO value potential