Get the traffic potentials of your project keywords, grouped by your keyword tags

Cost per row: 10.00

Parameter description


project_id (required)ID of the project that should be queried.
The ID can be found in the URL when viewing the project in the Searchmetrics Suite.

Format: integer
se_id (required)ID of the search engine that should be queried. A complete list of IDs can be found
Please make sure your project includes the se_id."

Format: integer
url (required)Domains within the project that should be queried.
Please use the exact name that is used within the project. E.g "" instead of "".

Format: string


HTTP Request:

    "keywords" : 775
    "rankings" : 0
    "traffic" : 100
    "traffic_max" : 1396
    "traffic_volume" : 8550
    "max_potential" : 1296
    "date" : 20130521
    "winner" : 0
    "loser" : 0
    "tag" : "testtag"

Result Description

keywordsNumber of keywords within this tag
rankingsNumber of rankings within this tag
trafficEstimation of traffic based on search volume and position
traffic_maxMaximum of traffic
traffic_volumeEstimated traffic volume per month.
max_potentialTraffic potential in absolute clicks in relation with top ranking position 1.
dateDate of the data
winnerNumber of keyword, that has a better position
loserNumber of keyword, that has a lose position
tagText of the tag