Ranking distribution of Project keywords in a given country.

This data represents the ranking distribution of selected keywords among the top five search result pages grouped by ranking position. The Position Spread indicates ranking distribution in percentages for the selected tag, domain and search engine combination.

Using the Position Spread, you can quickly identify the number of selected keywords found for a domain in the top five search result pages a chosen search engine.
The rankings are split into 7 clusters: Position 1-3 Position 4-6 Position 7-10 Position 11-21 Position 21-30 Position 31-40 Position 41+ For each group, the absolute number of keywords as well as the distribution in percent is returned.

Parameter description


project_id (required)ID of the project that should be queried.

Format: Integer
se_id (required)ID of the search engine that should be queried. A complete list of IDs can be found Please make sure your project includes the se_id.

Format: Integer
url (required)Domains within the project that should be queried..

Format: String
tags (optional)


HTTP Request: project_id=1000&se_id= 1&

  "response": {
    "group1": {
      "keyword_count": 10,
      "keyword_per": 7.41
    "group2": {
      "keyword_count": 3,
      "keyword_per": 2.6
    "group3": {
      "keyword_count": 0,
      "keyword_per": 0
    "group4": {
      "keyword_count": 1,
      "keyword_per": 11.11
    "group5": {
      "keyword_count": 14,
      "keyword_per": 24.41
    "group6": {
      "keyword_count": 30,
      "keyword_per": 33.45
    "group7": {
      "keyword_count": 1,
      "keyword_per": 11.2
  "balance": 100

Result Description