Competitors rankings for Competitors

Cost per row: 10.00

Parameter description


project_id (required)ID of the project that should be queried. The ID can be found in the URL when viewing the project in the Searchmetrics Suite.

Format: integer
se_id (required)ID of the search engine that should be queried. A complete list of IDs can be found Please make sure your project includes the se_id."

Format: integer
limit (optional)Limit for the number of result rows Permitted values are 10, 25, 50, 100, 250
offset (optional)Offset for result set
Must be a multiple of allowed values for the parameter "limit"

Format: integer

Result Description

visibilitySearchmetrics SEO Visibility
avg_positionAverage Position:

The average position of the given domain with the shared keywords with the respective competitor domain.
keyword_countNumber of keywords
url_typeType of the domain.(project,benchmark,other)