Searchmetrics API

The Seachmetrics API is an exciting step towards making it easier for developers to have direct access to our ever-growing data. It is available for all Searchmetrics Suite customers.

The API now enables developers to:

  • create innovative web- or mobile applications or
  • enrich existing software with SEO/SEA/Social data or
  • dynamically and seamlessly integrate our data in individual workflows, reports and analyses

All data can be retrieved simply by calling an URL via HTTP or HTTPS which will deliver a JSON format in return.

Currently data in the following categories is available:

  • Organic Search rankings and visibility
  • Paid Search rankings and visibility
  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Social Data

Please check here for a complete list of API calls.

For each call you are charged export credits, either per call or per exported row. The exact cost for each call is specified in the description of the respective call. Calls that deliver historic data or have filter options are usually more expensive.

Additionally, we are constantly releasing features (new queries, output formats, SDKs etc.). If you would like to inspire us with your API requirements we are looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact us – we might even have your required features almost ready.

If you need to access our Content data, you can use the GraphQL API


Getting started

Overview of all provided API calls incl. pricing

Getting API support